Larkspur Marin County Executive Suites

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How long are your office lease terms?
Our lease terms are typically six to twelve month terms.

If I move into your executive suites, can I use my current telephone number? How will my customers find me?
Executive Business Centers owns and operates its own telephone lines, thereby becoming your "phone company". If you want to keep your existing telephone number, you simply forward that number to our location. That’s it!  When you vacate, your telephone number can then be directed to the location of your choice.

I need high speed internet access. Can you provide this service or do I need to use an outside company to access the internet?
Executive Business Centers provides high speed internet to each office. There is no need to use any other company to provide this service. We can have your Internet connectivity up and operating in a matter of minutes!

Can I upgrade from a virtual plan to an office?
Most of our clients like the flexibililty we offer with "no penalty" upgrades to full time office space. In other words, we can work with each company to meet their needs.

Can you provide me with mailbox services?
We provide not only mailbox services, which include the handling of your mail, but receiving of packages, mail forwarding all with a secure mailbox.

Can you provide me with telephone answering?
Our virtual office space programs offer a range of service options including telephone answering and "find me anywhere" call transfers.

Can you provide me with a telephone number or can I bring my own with me?
We can provide you with your own telephone number, and set up your secure voice mail to give you 24x7 access. We can also arrange for you to "port" your telephone number from your own provider to us.

I have the need for conference room space. Do you offer conference rooms at your facilities?
Yes. We have four conference rooms to accommodate from two people in our smallest conference room to twelve people in the Boardroom. Training rooms for up to twenty people are also available.

Do you offer personalized telephone answering? Is that an additional charge?
Our facilities are staffed with on site receptionists to provide personalized telephone answering from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We can customize your greeting to fit your company’s specific needs.